Another Record Breaking Old Bill’s Fun Run: 2019 Results Announced

community foundation of jackson hole

With a vision of multiple organizations working together to create an efficient, unified fundraiser that raises the awareness of the community’s needs, the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole carries on the vision of the original Old Bill’s Fun Run founders 23 years ago, a philanthropic couple, known locally only as Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill. Over the last twenty-three years, Old Bill’s has raised an astonishing grand total of $173,720,537 for local groups and organizations, and it has inspired similar events around the country spreading the reach of the good started right here in Jackson Hole.

Each year, the funds raised by the Old Bill’s Fun Run event have been put to work feeding the hungry, supporting the sick and elderly, teaching kids to read, protecting wildlife, building affordable housing, enriching the community through the arts and having an impact on the lives of every person in Teton Country. From kids parting with their tooth fairy money to businesses banding together to make a more substantial donation, the Old Bill’s have made philanthropy a household word in Jackson Hole.

The Old Bill’s Fun Run reflects Teton County’s community values, and sustainability has been high on the list for a number of years. The Community Foundation strives to be a leader in this area and continues to make adjustments to the event each year to use innovative compostable, recyclable and reusable materials and resources whenever possible.

Last night, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole announced that Old Bill’s 2019 raised $14,381,190, over a million more than last year. The Match Pool, created with gifts from Mr. & Mrs. Old Bill, Co-Challengers and Friends, totaled $3,464,002 and nonprofits raised $10,917,189 in gifts designated specifically for them.

Graham Faupel Mendenhall & Associates is proud to be a Co-challenger of this incredible community event that supports so many of our local nonprofits. As a community of people who embody the saying “come because it’s beautiful, stay because of the people”, our commitment to preserving the values that make this community special instills in all of us an ethic of stewardship.

23 years later, the anonymous couple, known only as the Old Bill’s who envisioned a charity event done different continues to create a community of philanthropic members – their impact to be felt by those for generations to come in Jackson Hole. Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Old Bill, the Co-Challengers, and all of the donors and volunteers who make this event the amazing success that it is.

Should you have questions or want to learn more about Community Foundation of Jackson Hole or Jackson Hole’s philanthropic community, reach out to our team.

*Photo courtesy of Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.