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Whether you’re looking for a luxury home or vacation retreat in the mountains, on the Snake River or at one of Jackson Hole’s world-class skiing or golf resorts, a family home in one of Jackson’s popular residential neighborhoods, a commercial property in our thriving resort community, land for the perfect home or the ranch of your dreams with room for horses or livestock, there is a Jackson Hole home or community to match every taste and style. Search all available Jackson Hole, Star Valley, Teton Valley, and Idaho properties in any price range or area here on our website.

Contact Graham-Faupel-Mendenhall (888-301-2402 or 307-690-0812) for a complete real estate market report or to discuss the properties that meet your criteria. We have the most current information on market values and properties listed for sale in Jackson Hole and surrounding communities. We are also experts in the process purchasing distressed properties: foreclosures, short sales and bank owned (REO’s).

For many reasons, owning a home in Jackson Hole is a smart thing, one reason being that Wyoming is the most tax friendly state in the nation.

How to Establish Wyoming Residency (pdf download)



Wyoming is one of the most tax-friendly states.

There are plenty of reasons to be thankful for owning a home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: the mountains, the rivers, two national parks and three ski resorts, art galleries and restaurants, a charming Western-style downtown, and a close knit, philanthropic-minded and fun loving community. As enviable as our lifestyle is here, reality does intrude occasionally, as it will in mid-April when we pay our taxes. But even in that area, we as Wyoming residents are better off than most. After all, Wyoming has been cited by Bloomberg Wealth Management magazine as the most tax friendly state in the country. We can stretch our hard-earned dollars further, whether buying real estate, leaving property to our heirs or buying a new mountain bike.

The Benefits of Owning Property in Wyoming from Graham-Faupel on Vimeo.

Below is a list of the top 10 tax benefits on why it’s good to own property in Wyoming.


Wyoming real estate sales are not taxed.


With no state tax on personal or corporate income, you have more disposable income.


In Wyoming, you can shield your real estate from federal estate taxes for up to 1,000 years through a dynasty trust, which can be established in Wyoming for the benefit of your family or other beneficiaries. You can transfer your real estate into a limited liability company or family partnership and then put that into the dynasty trust, which can continue for a thousand years. As a result, multiple generations can make use of and enjoy the property, without having to pay estate taxes or worse, having to sell the property in order to pay the taxes. A key point to remember: The trust must be administered in Wyoming.


People in Jackson Hole who use Wyoming as a second home may have retirement income that comes from other states where they are a resident. Wyoming does not tax that retirement income earned outside of Wyoming, and if the participant is a resident of Wyoming when they take that income then the original state cannot tax that income either.


Somebody who owns property in Wyoming can ‘gift’ that real estate to their heirs without having to worry about paying a state gift tax.


Wyoming does not assess any state inheritance tax. Wyoming repealed its estate tax as of January 1, 2005.


Wyoming has very low property taxes compared to other states. The taxes that you do pay here are based on the assessed value of the property.


When you fill up your car with gas or buy a bag of groceries in Wyoming, you will not pay any state tax on your gas or food.


Many states charge owners a tax on their mineral ownership, but Wyoming does not.


Wyoming doesn’t make you pay a tax on financial assets like stocks and bonds.

  • Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is consistently ranked #1 ski resort in North America by Forbes and Ski Magazine. This year the resort is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the new Teton Lift as well as various events, promotions, and parties surrounding the milestone.
  • Wyoming is the most tax friendly state in the country: No tax on the sale of real estate, no state income tax, no tax on out of state retirement income, no state gift tax, no inheritance or estate tax, low property taxes, no excise tax, no tax on mineral ownership, no intangible taxes and dynasty trusts.
  • Over 97% of Teton County’s 2.7 million acres which include Jackson Hole is permanently preserved in National Parks, National Forests, and other varieties of public land. This means that just 3% of the Jackson Hole valley is privately held and of that, over two-thirds is already developed or preserved through conservation easements.
  • Jackson Hole is the gateway community to the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park and is recognized as a “World Heritage Site” by the U.N. and the Department of Interior. Jackson Hole represents some of the most renowned natural beauty and ecological significance on the planet.
  • A premier destination for all seasons and renowned for its countless recreational opportunities: downhill and cross country skiing, world-class fly fishing, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, horseback riding, big game hunting, snowmobiling, hot air ballooning, white water and scenic rafting, boating and golfing on championship golf courses.
  • A thriving arts and cultural scene: The Grand Teton Music Festival, The Center for the Arts, The National Museum of Wildlife Art, more than 30 art galleries, and music and art festivals.
  • The most philanthropic community in the country with over 200 local nonprofits. One of the communities major annual fund-raising events is Old Bill’s Fun Run organized by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, one of Jackson Hole’s oldest and largest raising over $111 million for community non-profits since inception. The Community Foundation granted approximately $14 million in 2014 and nearly $222 million since inception to nonprofit organizations in Jackson Hole and abroad.
  • Jackson Hole #1 Ski Resort for access in the Rockies with expanded winter air service from 13 non-stop cities: This new and expanded airline service will complement the non-stop, American flight from Dallas/Fort Worth. Delta Air Lines continues its non-stop service from Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, Salt Lake City and Minneapolis. United Airline’s non-stop flights continue from Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Denver.


Over 97% of Teton County’s 2.7 million acres which include Jackson Hole is permanently preserved in National Parks, National Forests, and other varieties of public land.

This means that just 3% of the Jackson Hole valley is privately held and of that, over two-thirds is already developed or preserved through conservation easements. Bloomberg Wealth Management states, “The clear constraints on future development distinguish Jackson Hole from most other places in America. From a simple supply and demand perspective, (these constraints) suggest that property in Jackson Hole has a better chance of retaining or increasing its value than property in much of the rest of the United States.”

Jackson Hole’s commitment to retaining the character, lifestyle and natural resources of this area has resulted in the creation of a highly desirable community that continues to attract full and part time residents from around the world.

Home to Wildlife

This diverse natural setting is home to many wildlife species including elk, moose, deer, bison, big horn sheep, mountain goats, otters and bald eagles.

Culture & Recreation

Jackson Hole is a premier destination for all seasons and is renowned for its countless culteral and recreational opportunities including: downhill and cross country skiing, world-class fly fishing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, big game hunting, white water and scenic rafting, and golfing on championship golf courses. The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is known for high snowfall, long ski runs, the largest vertical terrain, smaller crowds and shorter lift lines than most premier ski resorts. Jackson Hole is one of the great cultural centers of the west with the Grand Teton Music Festival, two film festivals, over 30 fine-art galleries, a Fall Arts Festival, a new performing arts center, the National Museum of Wildlife Art and, fine dining and great shopping.

Why Now?

Despite recent instability in national financial markets, we think this is a great time to own a home or condominium in Jackson Hole. Current inventory levels and competitive pricing have created a rare combination of options and values for buyers. Jackson Hole continues to attract people from around the world and our visitor numbers are on par with previous years. Whether you are looking for a luxury property, vacation retreat, investment condominium or family home, there are compelling reasons that property in Jackson Hole remains a sound investment to buyers from around the world.

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